Saturday, June 6, 2015

Inspiration ~ Music Lyrics - My Artful Journeys Week #23 Journal Entry

Oh! My Lovelies! I am loving the Artful Journeys prompts! They make me think outside the box and make artwork in my Journal that I never would have made! I love the diversity that these prompts give my journal when I page through! This prompt is no different,

The prompt this week is Song Lyrics, I don't think I have share before my love of the band 'Heart', I love them! I start most of my days by putting in one of their Cd's into my player ad I drink coffee and figure out what I am going to work on, I was trying to figure out what song to choose for this prompt actually using google and pinterest with the keywords "Song Lyric Art" trying to get inspired, when the song "These Dreams" played on my player, the words to this song are like poetry and have always sparked my visual imagination, at first I thought it would take to long to get it perfect and detailed, then I decided it's my journal, it doesn't have to be perfect!

I listened to the song while I sketched the image with an 8B pencil, in hind sight I wish I would have left it a pencil drawing the hand is quite wonky (but its a journal!), then covered the pencil drawing with gesso.

I love that with this prompt it took me out of my comfort zone (some of them self imposed) in multiple areas.

Firstly I have an almost compulsive habit of blending everything smooth, so I challenged myself, I handled the brush loosely and  I tried to maintain a 12 inch distance between my eyes and the page at all times. Because I didn't let myself worry about perfection and exact details this page only took me less than an hour total to do and I still like it (except for the wonky hand!)

The second is, I am not good at collage so I tend to avoid it, and this is a collage piece of sorts and I felt the challenge of creating a smooth flow from image to image, I feel that I have done better on this page than I have in the past when trying to do this type of piece.

The third I used a acrylics which is my favorite medium, but I didn't use it as I normally would, I watered my paints down to the consistency of ink and painted in thin layers which you can really see in the face in the stain glass and the figures in the trees. I think doing this also gave it more of a surreal feel.

I hope you check out the Artful Chicks blog a and see what the other ladies have created this week!

If you would like to see what others have created and post your own creations to share checkout The Artful Journeys Facebook Page.

Big hugs and Mushy Stuff!! I am being attacked by cuteness!

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