Saturday, June 13, 2015

Inspiration ~ Sail Away - My Artful Journeys Week #24

This weeks Inspiration from Artful Journeys is 'Sail Away' I usually try to think outside the box for these prompts but this one I went literal with the subject and actually painted a sail boat, how I made it a bit different is the medium and the substrate I used.

I fell in love with alcohol inks on tile quite by accident, we were getting our bathroom remodeled and there were all of these perfectly clean face white tiles that I couldn't let go in the trash, so I started searching for different mediums that could be used on tile and found that alcohol ink is very easy to make beautiful, I have done quite a few tiles with alcohol inks, and have prints and products available of them for sale in my Society6 store, and I also already have 1 video released of an owl on my YouTube page.

I totally enjoyed the process of making this tile, The background was as simple as color blocking then blending with the alcohol. I wanted it to be sailing into the light and I think I captured it pretty well. The part I enjoy the most is how the rubbing alcohol does most of the work for you as far as creating the highlights and shadows and all the yummy texture that makes this piece!

It just happened that the colors I wanted to use I actually have in the Copics brand marker, but Spectrum Niors or any other alcohol based ink markers work just as well, you can also use blending solution instead of the alcohol for a similar effect (I'm told I have never used it).

I hope you enjoy the video!

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