Saturday, May 30, 2015

Busy Busy!!

Hello My Lovelies!!!

I know its no excuse for not keeping up on my posts but hopefully I will now be a good girl! I have been working my butt off! (I wish literally)

I have recently had the honor to become part of the creative team of Artful Chicks Blog, the Facebook groups Artful Journeys and Artful Mail Groupies! It is so fun to be part of such a great group of creative ladies!

There are wonderful weekly prompts that help keep my creative juices going, so I will start here with the 1st prompt I created for Artful Journeys Week #22

This weeks prompt is to use a resist, when I think of resists my mind automatically goes to watercolors as medium for some reason, I know resists can be used with a multitude of mediums but I went with my gut and used a white crayon and watercolors.

I had so much fun playing that I created quite a few pages, but I will only show you my favorite two.

I'd like to say I had some wonderful inspiration behind deciding to do jellyfish, they were chosen for their simple shape, because white crayon on white paper is kind of hard to see, next time I think I will do a light color wash before adding my resist!

Using my Dylusions Art journal I laid down my basic sketch and some water lines on the white page, everything you see as white in the finished image is from that initial sketch.

I also used the resist between layers of color, I used 3 or 4 layers of different blues just in the water, in between each layer I would add the crayon so that the color below would remain untouched.

There were areas on the jelly fish that I had placed the resist and decided I did not like it, in those areas made my paint with very little water to make it not so vibrant white.

I am actually debating adding some black pen on this page but still haven't decided!

The 2nd one I will show you is the easiest but my favorite! I was inspired by the melted crayon art you see everywhere, I always wanted to try it but I love my crayons!

This simple page was made in my Strathmore 400 series watercolor journal, I only used the crayon on the area that is under the umbrella.

After I added the crayon I sprayed the entire page down with water, I loaded my brush with color, and made pools of color towards the top of the page, I repeated this using a few colors.

I then stood my journal up and let the colors trickle down the page.

I drew the silhouettes with black sharpie paint pen so it would color over the crayon.

I has so much fun with this prompt! Go over to the Artful Chicks Blog  and see what the other ladies created!

Big hugs and Mushy stuff!!! I have someone bothering me for supper!

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