Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Its all in the family!

Did I tell you that I come from a family full of talent?  I am going to blatantly promote one of them now!

My brother Scott Scholze is a professional potter!

He makes his wares under the name Steady Hands Studio , he is an artist and he is trying to make a go at making his passion for pottery his business.

It seems that what ever Scott touches turns out beautiful, from his wife and 3 children, his siblings (teehee) and his art.


I have yet to get my very own Scott Scholze Steady Hands creation, but I will be home for a visit in July (hint hint Scott my favorite color is green, and I don't need a huge family discount!)

When you look at his creations you can see that his talent is immense! Can you tell I'm a proud big sis?
Not only does he make beautiful usable pottery but he also makes awe inspiring sculpture, you will have to visit his Steady Hands Studio Website and Facebook page to see those!

Remember no 2 pieces are ever exactly the same with hand crafted pottery so they are always original.

So if you need a gift for someone or just want something for yourself go for handmade, support artists, because art is hard work!!

Check out his Facebook page look at the pictures, and find out how to get your own beautiful usable art at his website

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