Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finally the 3rd 'Tattered' video is up

So sorry it took me so long to put up the 3rd Tattered video! I had a long weekend as I said in my previous post so the editing I would usually do on a Friday waited until today! So I hope you like the 3rd video, to be honest this probably isn't my favorite project I have done but there are a lot of different techniques worth sharing throughout the process so I shared anyway!

As I said we went to the casino and spent the night so I could play penny slots until the wee hours, my husband made it until about 12:30 but I didn't get back to the room until around 3:15! it was fun! I people watched and played penny slots until I couldn't keep my eyes open, I also went around and gathered up all kinds of items to put in my journal to record the fun I had, I have all the items laid out on my craft table waiting for me to put it all together! I cant wait to share once its all put together!

Well, all done for today! Big hugs and mushy stuff!

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