Monday, February 18, 2013

New Book for a New Blog!

I just started a new journal since I started this blog, I figured I would show the book as it happens! I have gotten a good start on the 1st two pages and thought I would show the step by steps of what I have done so far!

The first step was to cover the cover back and first page with gesso, while it was still wet I sprayed it generously with Dylusions Ink than blotted it with paper towels until it was blended they way I liked it :)

 I found a picture in a beauty salon add and used Gesso Gel to adhere it to the page. I used my marker to outline some fun little doodles and filled them in with black paint, on both pages, sadly the
pic I took of the full book was horribly out of focus, Ooops!

I used my white gel pen to add the lines and dots around the edge of the black

And the last thing I did to it today was use my Inktense Pencils to outline the and color the  lips and add tendrils of hair

I hope you like what I've shown you and let me know if there is anything you would like me to try out!


Franks Family said...

Love the fun doodles filled with black paint!

Shana Conroy said...

Thank you! I plan to do more, but I ran out of weekend!