Sunday, February 17, 2013


My Name is Shana (rhymes with banana) I have been roaming the electronic world looking at Pinterest, Blogs, Videos and anything I can get my little eyes on for inspiration for creative outlet, this has led me to be inspired to start my own blog! So here I am! We'll see how long I keep this up!

I enjoy all mediums of art, I love photography, Photoshop, drawing, painting and mixed media journals and canvas work depending on the mood that suits on the given day! I just need creative outlets to stay sane!

My current favorite mediums to work with are paper, acrylic paint and my Derwent  Inktense pencils, on canvas.
Here are a couple of bits from a project I did for a friend going through rough times.

Now that I have started this blog I will start documenting my process so that I can share what I have learned in my creative journey!

Please let me know if you have any requests for me to create and we can work through the process together! 

Hugs and Love!
- Shana 

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