Saturday, September 5, 2015

Inspiration - Dream Destinations - Week #36 Artful Journeys

This weeks prompt "Dream Destinations" was an easy choice for my subject, Hawaii! To be honest I was in Hawaii once, for about a half hour! I was on a layover on my way to the Philippines so I got the wonder and awe of walking around the airport!

Flying over the islands and on our way in and our way out was magical! From my airplane window I got to see, Pearl Harbor, the beautiful landscapes and cityscapes, a whale in the wild for the 1st time, and a new island being formed from an underwater volcano eruption. it was beautiful! I think that because I never got to see it from the ground it is a place I really want to go.

I am in love with the Art Deco style and I attempted to recreate it, I used colored prismacolor pencils and acrylic paint to create the page as seen here. I like my girl and the floral pattern in the circle behind her but I think it was my color choices that made it not really feel Art Deco-ish, and on top of that I didn't plan ahead for a place to actually write "Hawaii" on it!

So I went to the other Artful chicks asking for help, actually is was more like "HELP!" I received awesome ideas from the ladies, but the one I hadn't thought of was digitally altering it!

I took this photo of my page and uploaded it into my photoshop program, Originally I was just going to add text, but when I went scoping the internet for inspiration I decided to go a slightly different route trying to work the Art Deco style I wanted back into the piece.

I used some vintage Hawaii brochures and postcard images and cropped them down put for the green and blue spaces, I then brought the opacity down to about 60% so that they didn't overshadow my hula girl and I love how it turned out!

The page still doesn't have the full Art Deco feel I wanted but I think I got some of the style back that I was looking for as well as adding some depth to the piece,

I hope you enjoyed my very basic review of my process! 
If there is ever anything you would like more details on in my process ask and I will see what I can do!

Big Hugs and Mushy stuff!

- Shana


Arty Auntie said...

Oh I love how this turned out! A little digital magic and it's perfect!

Shana Conroy said...

thanks for the idea!

lynn said...

That is awesome Shana. Good job!

Melody said...

OMGeezy! I LOVE how this came out! I especially love the finishing touches you added to it, with the vintage travel brochures...great job!