Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Acrylics Curlie Hair Girl

Another in my paint a face series was how I use acrylic paints, to create a face, I love acrylic paint! I think it is my favorite of all mediums if I have to pick only 1.

I love how you can fix any mistake with another layer of color or wipe the whole thing out with a coat of gesso.

I also love that there is no wrong way to create with them, I love brush work as this video shows, but I also like to finger paint, I love any reason to get my hands dirty, I actually feel  bit of pride when I can get color off my hands no matter how hard I scrub, that hard to get paint stuck under my fingernails, I love it, but, that will be a different video! Lol.

When I paint using acrylics, unless I am working on a commission piece, I rarely sketch things out, I have found that most of my mistakes have led to my biggest learning experiences. It gives freedom to just apply color, for me painting is almost meditative, I keep all my paint and paint tools at arms reach so I don't have to think about it, I just do it.

I had been seeing all of these intuitive paintings all over and realized that they were what I had been calling "doodle paintings" for years, I never thought they were items people would like to see, I had kept them hidden away in my art journals and not shared them! Gathering strength from others I decided I would share the process and found that these images I created were liked! I kick myself for not having the courage to share before.

Here are 2 videos of my Doodle Paintings that I did on canvases instead of hidden in a private journal

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I learned to never be afraid to share my art, both of these originals sold before I could offer them for sale, I learned my lesson, that I shouldn't try to conform to what I think others will like, I am not the only "weird" person out there!

Big Hugs and Mushy Stuff my Lovelies!

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