Saturday, July 25, 2015

Inspiration - Background - Paint with 3 favorite colors and stamp through a stencil Week # 30

Oh Whoa is me! I have been gone for a bit! I went home to my home state of Wisconsin to visit family and attend 2 family reunions! Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation! Haha!

I interpreted this weeks prompt as some grease for my creative gears in 2 ways: I normally do not use my 3 favorite colors together and I usually start with my main subject when i do a journal spread, my journal is full of unfinished backgrounds!

For my background I applied my 3 favorite colors, a rich chocolate brown, orange and turquoise, with a 1" brush randomly across my journal spread. I then used my extra large paisley stencil (which is actually made for walls) and stamped my wood grain unmounted rubber stamp with Colorbox frost white through it. To add a bit more texture I then sprayed water on my stamp and cleaned the excess ink off on my pages, as you can see there was some leftover brown on the stamp too!

When I saw this background it made me think of a magical deep forest, the type of place that fairies live so I decided that is who needed to live there a little woods fairy sitting on a toadstool.

To challenge myself even more I decided to use only the colors from my background, the orange, turquoise, brown and white.

I created my little fairy using acrylic paints and prismacolor pencils. I watered down my white paint to get a sheer look to the wings so they look kind of transparent, I used the turquoise and brown as my shadow colors and the orange and white as my highlights, I imagined the light source as sunset through the trees.

I was going to add more detail, trees and maybe a stream for the forest but decided to leave the background as abstract scenery, keeping the right side of my spread simple I just added the quote "Those that don't believe in magic will never find it" by Roald Dahl with a white sharpie paint pen.

I hope you enjoyed my journal entry for week #30 for the Artful Chicks and Artful Journeys

Just because I love to share my home state of Wisconsin with people I will leave you with a little bit of the beauty of my state.

The beautiful Mississippi River in LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Lost Falls, Outside of Black River Falls, Wisconsin

 Wegner Grotto, Cataract, Wisconsin

Favorite Fishing hole, Tomah, Wisconsin

I hope you enjoyed my journal process as well as some of the awesome stuff from my home state!
Big Hugs and Mushy stuff!
- Shana aka wisccheeto

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