Monday, December 7, 2015

New Mugs for me! Using DecoArts Americana Glossy Enamel paints, Mod stencil and tools

The 1st in my collection from my Granny
I have some teapots that I love sooo much! The collection was started when my Granny gave me the first one, since then my Mum and my hubs have given me a few and I have gotten a couple for myself, I don't have a lot of them but I have always loved to look at them.

My pretty orange nook 

I think my favorite part is that they are perfectly imperfect. they have beautiful designs in gold with enamel paint in added touches, the enamel is not perfect within the design and is always a reminder to me that art is not exact.

I love them so much that I decided to make my kitchen colors reflect the teapots, oranges and greens with contrast of dark brown.

Because of the color combination whenever I went looking for items to match my kitchen I usually only found fall or Thanksgiving themed items so I have had to make a lot of my decor myself.

I have been looking for a while for some cute coffee mugs that I could put out on my coffee bar that would match but had not found anything that I liked enough to buy so I made due with a jumble of mugs, most of them I have had since my 1st apartment!

In the past I have made mugs for other people and I decided now was the time to be selfish and make something for me! 

My tools
I went to a Dollar Store (I am so cheap) and bought 4 mugs, 2 in green and 2 in brown and got some DecoArt Americana Glossy Enamels one of their sticky back stencil sets, the set called Mod, and a packet of tools, the palette knives and wedge sponges and I also used a paint brush I already had on hand.

I used stencils for 2 of the mugs. To apply the paint I used the wedge sponge for 1 and the palette knife for the other. 

Paint applied with sponge
Paint applied with palette knife 

I was far from tedious with the application of the paint because I wanted them imperfect to match the rest of my kitchen!

With the remaining 2 mugs I applied the paint using a paint brush, the paint is thick and applies beautifully, for heavier coverage a 2nd coat is all that is needed. I decided to do a simple flower design on the one and a simple doodle design on the other.

Simple flowers
Simple doodles

Love Love Love!
I decided to make the matching point the color and not the design because even with my teapots the designs are not all the same, I also didn't want anything too intricate because I my home is very informal, decorated odd knickknacks, antiques, art and my barbies, Yes I am an adult with barbies!

I think I may need to make more mugs!

I love how my new mugs look on my coffee bar in the kitchen, ready for anyone to grab a cup and get caffeinated!

The "Coffee I Love You" was purchased and given to me as a gift, the "Bird in Cup" mixed media on canvas is one of my original works, The large painting of my cat "Mina" is and original acrylic on canvas painted by my cousin from Art by Bea on Facebook, the small photo in the lower right is an altered photo "Birds". Both Bird in cup and Birds are available in my Society6 store.

If you would like to see the video of the process here you go!

Big Hugs!!! 

- Shana Banana

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