Saturday, August 22, 2015

Inspiration - Windows - Artful Journeys - Week #34

This weeks prompt gave me a reason to practice my watercolor skills, and what is a art journal for if not to practice! I have always had a hard time with trees so I decided to do a scene with trees so I scoured the internet looking for some nice scenery pictures, I found a beautiful picture by Anna Surface of Surface and Surface Photography, I would post a copy of the picture but I didn't get permissions to post the photo, you should definitely take a look at her website her work is beautiful.

I used her photo as reference for this watercolor

I think I am getting better at catching the highlights and shadows when it comes to groups of trees, I still have more work to do to get where I want to but I am pretty happy with my progress!

I wanted to use this picture as a  view from a window in my junk journal, I made my junk journal using a large Smash journal and a Recollections journal that I found on the clearance rack a Micheals, they were both damaged so I took the 2 and made them into 1 journal, I love this journal and the different patterns sometime lead me to paint and draw things I normally wouldn't.

I found a page that had wood grain that would make a perfect window frame so I cut out the windows, and I lucked out that the other side was a floral pattern and I use the cut out parts as curtains!

I taped the watercolor onto the back of the page using scotch paper tape on just the one side so that the full watercolor can still be seen if wanted.

I then used the cut out pieces from the window and used double stick tape to attach them to the window frame to make pretty curtains.

I think the journal entry turned out pretty cute and love that I have put another entry into my junk journal!

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Big hugs and mushy stuff!


Melody said...

Too stinking cute!!! Love your curtains

Kathryn said...

That's awesome Shana. The trees look really lush! I love the framing. :)